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Canadian Olympian I Professional Cyclist

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Hey you, let's talk! About mental health, because it matters. . Today is #bellletstalk day in Canada, raising awareness & funds for mental health initiatives. . It's pretty clear everything is not sunshine and rainbows these days, as a pandemic has thrown a wrench in our lifes and caused so much uncertainty. This has both exacerbated existing mental health issues, and caused many more people to struggle. There is power in knowing you are not alone, so reach out for help if you need it & check in on others❤ . Check out @bell_letstalk for helpful mental health resources, and for more info on actions across social media that will raise funds for initiatives in our communities! #everyactionhelps

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone has a wonderful day & fits in some exercise for health & happiness 🤗 Indoors, outdoors, warm, cold, fast or slow, every bit of movement counts towards taking care of your mind and body 🚴‍♀️🏋️‍♀️⛹️‍♀️ . . #mindandbody #happysunday #cycling #happinesswatts #keepchallenging

Canadian gingerbread!🦌 Feeling a bit sad to not be able to travel to see family for the holidays, so I'm looking to continue some traditions from home!🎄 Every year my mom decorates our tree in Canadiana themed gingerbread, so I made some of my own😊 What traditions are you planning to continue as we safely navigate this holiday season?⛄ #gingerbread #holidaysathome #moose #loon #salmon #holidaybaking